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My name is Teresa Salters.  My grandmother taught me how to crochet and plastic canvas.  My sister was the one that encouraged me to start my business.  T Salt Creations LLC was birthed July of 2018.  My sister passed 6 months later and she had glioblastama, which is an agressive form of brain cancer.  In memory of my sister, I donate $2 for every item purchased from June - April and 100% from May to Take a look around and see my shop and my reviews.  I'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have and would love to create a customized order for you.

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My Story

My sister was my biggest fan.  She always looked forward to seeing new items that I created.  She would critique my work and I welcomed that.  Want to be the best me at creating products.  My sister was diagnosed  with brain cancer back in July of 2010 and she passed in January of 2019.  Since her passing, I make it a point to donate 100% of the funds made in the month of May, which is brain cancer awareness month, to and for the months of June - April, I donate $2 of item sold to brain cancer in memory of my sister, Patti Ann Clapp Conner. 

My goal is to help those out there by donating funds to  This organization is about "helping brain cancer patients access information, resources and rapid treatment. We want you to get immediate access to advanced treatment, clinical trials & critical care. Immediate Access to Care. Patient Empowerment." (  One day, there will be a cure or at least prolong their life.




Please feel free to reach out, if you are interested in a custom order, if you have any questions, or you want to just say hi. 


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