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Crochet Anniversary

Today is my 2 year anniversary of opening up my business, T Salt Creations LLC. Yaaaahhhhh!! Thank you all so much for supporting my small business. It is truly appreciated. As a token of my appreciation, each sale that I have through July 17, from this website, will receive something special for free.

When I first opened up, my sister, Patti, was my biggest fan. She helped with providing constructive criticism on some of my creations and what I should list. There were a lot of items that she really loved, such as the Mickey Mouse hat that I made for her. She loved Mickey Mouse every since she was a little girl. So glad that she had the chance to wear it.

Shortly after my sister passed, I knew that I wanted to do fundraisers and raise money for brain cancer in memory of her. The first year in May of 2019, I made brain cancer cup cozies and cat cup cozies. She loved her coffee and her cats. Everything that I made with that went straight towards brain cancer. This past May of 2020, whatever that was sold, the funds went towards brain cancer. I did include to have the option of those to donate instead of making a purchase. For those that made a purchase, during brain cancer awareness month in May, received a coupon to use towards a future purchase. That fundraiser was successful. In addition, for every item sold during the months of June - April, $2 from each item goes towards brain cancer. My goal is to help raise money for brain cancer in hopes a cure is found soon.

In case you couldn't tell, my business is based around brain cancer in memory of my beautiful sister. If what I do, helps at least one person, it's a success.

I've enjoyed these last two years. Thank you so much for your continued support. Much love always!!

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